With deep local roots in Manoa and business experience earned around the

world, Dale Kobayashi is a leader who knows how to bring people together.  He is one candidate for House District 23 who is already making a difference.

If you watch the news or talk to others in the district, you’ve seen Dale’s work.  His accomplishments include:

 - Negotiating a compromise to avoid siting toxic wastewater facilities

next to housing for UH faculty and their children.

  - Facilitating an agreement to curb rampant underage drinking at a

popular local restaurant.

  - Preventing over commercialization of Paradise Park and accompanying

traffic issues

  - Helping to save iconic monkeypod trees while enhancing public safety

at Manoa Marketplace.

Dale has achieved the above by serving on our Neighborhood Board.  He now humbly asks for your vote to serve at the next level and become your next State Representative.