Thanks to his strong desire to create a better District 23, Dale is actively in many community issues.  He founded the "Save Our Manoa Valley" group, which was responsible for stopping the aggressive development plans for Paradise Park.  On the other hand, he helped the Manoa Heritage Center expand its parking lot to accommodate more school buses and improve understanding of Hawaii's natural and cultural history.  Whenever there's an opportunity to make District 23 safer and more livable, Dale seizes the chance to make positive change. 

UH and the State Legislature

"I want to enter a new era between UH and our Legislature. The adversarial relationship over the years is counter productive to improving infrastructure, education programs, student and faculty safety, traffic and community relations. I promise to listen, collaborate and take action to get things done.

- I believe in stricter gun control laws.

- I will fight to protect your hard earned pension income from taxation.

- I will fight to make GMO labeling a must.

- I will enforce the moratorium on monster homes." 

Dale Promises

"I promise to listen to citizens and word hard for their interests; to be an honest broker between community needs and resources; to fight against special interests and seek improved government service and effectiveness."


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