Leadership is bringing people together

Dale Kobayashi is the candidate who knows how to work with people to create solutions to problems.  And when it's time to fight for the community, he's not one to back down.   A few examples of Dale at work include: 

Preserving the Monkeypod Trees at Manoa Marketplace.
In a win-win for the community and the landowners, Dale brought diverse groups including the Outdoor Circle, political leaders and Alexander & Baldwin to preserve Manoa's Marketplace's iconic greenery while still protecting public safety.  Dale drew on both his business background and his personal contacts to broker this deal. 

Commercialization of Paradise Park
In 2016 Dale help stop plans to develop a tourist attraction at Paradise Park that would bring 24 tour buses into the valley per day.  The same developers are now back to apply again.  In response, Dale has started a working group with the Trust for Public Lands, the University of Hawaii, Lyon Arboretum and former Governor Abercrombie.  They are exploring options to purchase the Paradise Park property to put in trust for research purposes and expansion of the Lyon Arboretum.   

Toxic Sludge
While improved flood control is vital to the valley, work shouldn't be done in a way that creates health risks.  That's why when Dale heard about plans to temporarily store toxic sludge next housing for UH faculty and their children, he took action.  By bringing together the Department of Land and Natural Resources, City Facilities Maintenance and the University of Hawaii, Dale was able to work out a solution with reduced health risks. 

Almost everyone enjoys $2 tacos.  But when an on-going promotion at a local restaurant got out of control with underage drinking, Dale took action.  By engaging the owner and inviting him to Neighbor Board, they were able to mutually work out procedures that would allow the restaurant to continue the event without the accompanying problems for the neighborhood.

Straub Monster Home
Monster homes are an increasing problem for Hawaii's communities including District 23 in terms of parking, congestion and pure quality of life.  Dale is leading the effort to block the conversion of this historic property to monster status as well as to stop the illegal business on the property.

Traffic Congestion
When Palo Alto-based Sora International Preschool planned a preschool on the most narrow part of Oahu Ave in Manoa, Dale realized the potential for traffic disruption.  There was no room on the property for cars to pull over.  And no room on the narrow road for cars to go around any cars stopping to pick up or drop off students.  Morning and afternoon blockages were a given, not to mention student safety concerns.  Dale  rallied the neighbors, got a petition done, went to testify at Department of Planning and Permitting, which denied the permit application.